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Standards Check Training in Birmingham
A New Way Of Life...

Standards Check Training in Birmingham

Fretting over your Standards Check
is no place to be for any instructor.

Here at Aceway, whether you are in our team
or working elsewhere, we want all ADIs 
to be delivering great lessons 
and have the skill and confidence to 
fly through the Standard Check...Call Us.

Standards Check Training
In Birmingham

Pass Your Standards Check - Hassle Free

Have you just received THAT envelope,
it can be quite daunting - can't it?
However we can help you take the pain out of your test
with our standards check training in Birmingham.

The Standards Check can strike fear into even the most
experienced of driving instructors - this really does shake ADIs up.
What you are going to need is a calm influence
who can take the pressure off!

The last thing you want right now is to be a bag of nerves
and screw up your standards check.
And what you do want it some quick and easy training
to help you pass with flying colours.

At Aceway our Standards Check training is based around your needs.
It starts of with a free phone consultation worth £30
where we understand you needs and start to create the
light at the end of the tunnel you need right now.

The training itself is split into 2 areas,
what you understand
and where you need to be.
Once we have finished the training
it will be like stepping out the the shower.
All fresh and raring to go.

In our training we do more then teach you how to pass
we help you become more at ease
you feel will better placed as an ADI
and you will see a positive difference!

Do not hang around and make a last minute decision,
sort this as early as you can,
waiting will only making things more stressful
you don't need or deserve the stress of a Standards Check.

Pick up the phone and call us now

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