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Intensive Driving Lessons in Birmingham

Intensive Driving Lessons in Birmingham to help you pass 10 times faster!
You need to get on the road now - right?
You want your driving licence - as soon as?

Read more about how Aceway can help you pass your driving test...

Intensive Driving Lessons
In Birmingham

Pass 10 Times Faster...
Intensive driving lessons in Birmingham
are going to help you pass your driving test 10 to 20 times faster
than taking basic driving lessons.
If you need to get your driving licence in a very short space of time
we are the intensive driving school in Birmingham you need to phone,

Imagine, in just a few short weeks from now
you will be driving your own car,
without any assistance, going to the places important to you.
Once you have your full driving licence in your wallet
and the car keys in your hand, the world becomes an open road.
You can travel anywhere, from weekends away with friends, summer road trips,
and you can cut down your commuting time by using your car for work.
Only your imagination limits the destinations you can travel to.

Our intensive driving lessons in Birmingham are like no other,
you choose the hours, you choose when and we build you a plan to pass.
Many people take 10 hours a week - some do more.
Others take ten hours over the weekend, and at the end of the month ready to pass.
Or you can take the more traditional route of having your hours all in 1 or 2 weeks.

No Double Dipping With Your Intensive Driving Lessons in Birmingham

You will not be paired up with other learners on your lessons.
We can't see the point of you having to watch someone else,
you are not gong to learn from their mistakes,
learning comes from understanding and rectifying your own errors.

So you are guaranteed,
when you book intensive driving lessons in Birmingham with Aceway,
they are your lessons and you are not sharing with anyone else.

Crash Courses In Birmingham - What Are They?

If you are looking for crash courses in Birmingham that's fine,
it's just an out dated phrase that is all.
We prefer intensive driving lessons in Birmingham
since we teach people to drive safely.
Your driving examiner wants you to be safe
and you will get your licence when you show you are a safe driver.

How To Pass First Time...

You need to follow these 4 steps,
for each skill we are going to teach you,
you will use these steps - making you safe to pass your test.

1. Be in control of the car
2. Keep to the Highway Code
3. Hazard perception
4. Desire to be safe

We want you driving on "autopilot" where you can just do things.
You don't want to be struggling,
you want to pass easy.

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