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Driving Test Rescue

Just maybe, failing your driving test was never your fault.
At first we can blame the instructor,
but then you blame yourself
and you wonder if you ever will pass your test.

What if...it really wasn't your fault..?
Our Driving Test Rescue course will fix you

Driving Test Rescue
In Birmingham

It hurts a lot to fail your driving test,
and it hurts even more when you keep on failing.
Many learner drivers start to question if they will ever be able to drive
but the fact of the matter is,
if you have been failing time after time it probably isn’t your fault.

It really could be the fault of the way you were taught.
You see people learn in different ways,
as an example some people like to learn by reading, or watching or doing.

And when something is explained,
we are not always able to fully understand then a mistake happens.
It is the responsibility of the driving instructor to identify learning has taken place  and if not they need to find a different way to communicate the message to you.

We can help you pass your driving test,
it will start with a free phone consultation which we usually charge £30 for.
During this free consultation we want you to describe to us
the reasons why you have failed and we may ask a couple of questions.
By the end of the phone call you will be feeling better already,
starting to see some direction towards passing the driving test.

We offer 2 courses for the driving test rescue,
the first is a 6 hour course at £180 and the second is a 10 hour course at £300, it does not include the day of the driving test.
They are specialist lessons to make sure you know
what is required and then we check you are good enough to pass.

This is a very sought after course.
Call us today for more information.

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