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Beginner Driving Lessons in Birmingham

Our beginner course is designed for the complete novice, if you have never driven before and want to hit the road running, these lessons are going to be perfect for you.

You will be surprised at how quick you will learn...

Beginner Driving Lessons
In Birmingham

Being a beginner driver is an amazing experience for anyone because soon you are going to start making your dreams come true, and driving your own car is going to unlock your freedom and independence.

Right now you are relying on lifts and public transport, however it will not be long until you are not hanging around for a bus, not getting wait in the rain, and you will be listening to your own music and not the noise coming from the stranger next to you.

So our beginners course is quite unlike any other driving school in Birmingham because we are going to show you our secret formula which we want you to use on every lesson. It all relates to the driving examiner and what they expect to see from you.

You see learning to drive is easy, anyone can jump in a car and drive, but the driving test is all about safety. Ask any learner driver to define what safe driving means and they will list things like no speeding, not crashing etc. But its more than that.
What we are going to teach you is what the examiner wants to see you can do on the driving test.

Right from your first lesson you are going to learn how to control the car, spot hazards, keep to the Highway Code and you need the attitude and desire of a safe driver.
So for every skill we teach you, you will implement that process.

Can you see why we are so successful with helping people like you pass their driving test?
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