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A New Way Of Life...

You Want A QUALIFIED Instructor...

...because you are investing your life, your career and your family. Here are our credentials.

Latest Teaching

Aceway has partnered up with Tri coaching to bring you the most up-to-date teaching methods to help you become the best you can be.

DVSA Registered

We are ORDIT registered, meaning we keep to the highest standards of driver training for new instructors.

Top Rated Instructor

You will be taught by a highly trained and certified Advanced Driver, Trainer and DIAmond Examiner For all your Advanced training needs.

Building You A Career

With our business experience and MBA in Business management and administration, we can help you build your business and develop it further using our expertise.

Industry Recomended

The ROSPA Gold Award is among the most difficult of tests, having this certificate shows we have the best skills to teach you.

Driving Instructor Training
In Birmingham

We want to ask you a question,

are you sure driving instructor training in Birmingham is for you?
We ask for one simple reason,
national statistics say only 9% who start training, qualify!

That is an appalling success rate
and we want to make sure you avoid the 91% failure rate.
It all starts with asking the question,
are you right driving instructor training in Birmingham?


You Are Not A Money Machine

Here at Aceway, our success rates are closer to 90%
and the reasons are clear.
We make sure you have a fantastic understanding
of what it takes for driving instructor training in Birmingham.
You will not see any fluff,
and our training is superb...

Ideally you want to become a driving instructor in Birmingham
fairly quickly.
You would love your training to be easy to understand
and you want to see rapid development.
This is how our training works.

There are 3 parts to your training process,
and unlike most driver training companies
we do not use the aplhabet system.
That is one big reason why people fail.

The alphabet system is training where you memorise everything,
such as a,b,c,d,e, et. Hence the name.
However what will happen if the examiner testing you asks you
a question about your opinion on something?

An opinion isn't fact, you are not reciting the alphabet,
such as what letter comes after D?
Then what happens is you become unstuck
you can't answer the question and you start to fail your test.

At Aceway our system is a little like learning to spell.
Sure you learn the letters, but also how to use them.
We only use world class training methods
and subscribe to The Tri Coaching Partnership
who are the leading think tank for driver training across the world.

We subscribe and adopt their training methodology
as it has been tried, tested, and approved by very senior organisations.
The results have been amazing.



How You Can Become A Driving Instructor in Birmingham

1 Day Taster Session

Our strongest recommendation before you choose to become a driving instructor in Birmingham
is to come along on our 1 day taster course.
You are going to get a magnificent insight
into the daily life of a driving instructor in Birmingham.

Its a full day session and you will experience real lessons.
We'll meet you at the beginning of the day
and you will sit in the back of the car meeting our learners.
You will discover for yourself if this is really for you.

At the end of each lesson we'll chat about what happened,
you will have questions that we can answer
and you will see how you will help people to drive.

Finally, you will also be given advanced driver training,
so you will be upgrading your skills!
The cost for the day is just £99
however, its refunded if you start training with Aceway.

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